Starting a New Business in the Current World.

Business starts here:

Many entrepreneurs are caught in confusion when starting a business.Here I have three key steps that you can follow to pitch your business and make it grow like anything.
         The three steps;
    1.Business Idea

    2.Business concept

    3. Price analysis.

Businesses Idea refers to the gap/pain/problem your coming to solve.

Business statement concept is what mostly needs to be well elaborated as it guides not only the business person but also the customers,suppliers and lenders.There are six questions which one should be able to respond to and which could propel your idea to implementation stage.
 First lets begin with understanding what Business statement concept really means.It is what customers need or want and how you will avail to them these things.

 Top questions to be answered
       ☆What is my product/service ?
                  Is it filling a need?
                  Have you found a ninche?
          ☆How is my product/service                    …

How attraction marketing created billions for my business.

Attraction marketing is one of the terminologies that you will come across with in marketing. 

Many will throw this terminology around which leads to formulation of thousand questions.
Its a useful strategy employed by many entrepreneurs; cutting across startups to 500 Fortunes, to pull customers.It has found its usefulness not only in service sector but also in production and manufacturing industry.

An icebreaker to ground in is through defining what really attraction marketing is.
To attract customers and prospects to you by adding value, providing solutions, serving your target market, and creating content that addresses your target market’s top challenges.
Using practical aproach will make you understand how this marketing strategy works.  Taking facebook as an example,we can see that Mark Zuckerberg created a platform where people can interact,share and watch shot videos.He made use of this strategy to make people get interested with the platform (you will think that he is just like me

Hacks adopted by Supermarkets to boost Sales;every single minute plan by Brick-and-motar outlets.

When we closely observe the supermarkets, you will find a lot of sales hacks they do to increase their sales. Let’s dive deep and you will be surprised to understand how every minute is planned in a perfect way to increase the revenue from every customer who walks into the supermarket. 1. Have you wondered why the aisles and the racks are never ending and tend to confuse you and at a point, you becomehopelessly lost and go in search of your family members. It is purposefully done to make sure you spend more time roaming and picking things which you had not planned to buy. 2. Supermarkets do not have clocks because they do not want you to rush back home. The more time you spend, more the money. This is the same reason why most of the supermarkets do not let the sunlight to enter so you can’t track time. 3. Most of the supermarkets play a slow background score which is soothing and it puts you at ease. When you are at ease, your energy levels are higher and you tend to shop happily wit…

Why Entrepreneurship is mastering emotions and guarding them.

Entrepreneurial path is not about hard work you have heard people say.Then whats its it?

In my experience it is not.

Yes, hard work is important for entrepreneurship, but that is not the most important trait.

There are many employees in companies who work much much harder than many entrepreneurs do.

In my experience, entrepreneurship is all about "managing your emotions".

It takes a lot of willpower to stay calm in situations where it feels like everything you have ever built is going to collapse.

If you let that emotion take over then you will get stalled and you will not be able to work.

From what I have seen an from my personal experience, the one single trait that helps entrepreneurs keep going is keeping their emotions stable in the face of uncertainty.

Facing uncertainty is one big task that entrepreneurs have to do that employees do not have to.

As an employee of a company you have some stability. There are fixed monthly personal expenses and against that there are f…

Curiosity Quotient, CQ for the Marketers.

Why its necessary for marketers to have CQ,
Many times we have heard of Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and Emotional Quotient  (EQ).These are; ability to think and reason and understanding,controling our emotions and also showing empathy for others respectively.Both EQ and IQ are essentials in corporate world. In addition to that all managers and categorically, Marketers need to have third important ability-Curiosity Quotient, CQ. CQ, Is a guaranteed quality of turning out to be a truly outstanding professional.
Importance of being curious
The curiosity Quotient(CQ) is a marketer's  ability to be intensely curious about the world  around him. Curiosity leads to;           》New ideas generation. This can happen immediately or in a future date.Great marketers are those who come up with ideas. Let's take for example Steve Jobs,Co-founder of Apple,has narrated how curiosity led him to learn calligraphy, which later helped him design the distinctive  Apple Mac. This demonstrates clearl…

The secret of brand positioning that an entrepreneur should know.

Ways of creating  brands visual hammer. One of the primary goals of every entrepreneur after launching their product is to see that all the people are getting excited by his product entirely and more sale's are being done as anticipated.Unfortunately this rarely happens in real market without proper positioning of your product.
Research has it that 80% of the startups fail in their first 5 year's,what I call  a short lifespan. When one clearly flips the pages of their financial records, a few of them will have reached their Break even point.What really makes these startups get their fingers burned?
The big bait that leads to product failure of these "smart ideas" and "smart products" is and has been lack of knowledge regarding a critical and paramount marketing aspect.Marketers call this concept as "positioning of your product".This is an immediate step that follows after seg…

How to enter into Startups with through bootstrap.

Infinite Runway

It doesn't require hacks or even innovative new ideas.  It doesn't take 10 ways either.  It only requires 3 fundamentals that have been around at least since the first book I read on entrepreneurship,
The Entrepreneur's Manual by Richard M. White in 1977.The fundamental ideas were already old by then.  I especially like his anecdotes about the "Okie mechanic," who had little education but wisdom beyond many of today's startup founders.

•Keep expenses as low as possible

•Generate revenue as early as possible by whatever means necessary

•Use as much sweat equity as possible

•Putting these simple ideas together and pushing to the extreme leads to an infinite runway.

Almost every startup has a bootstrap stage.I call a company that becomes self-sufficient even before raising angel or VC investment a pure bootstrap.  Most life style businesses have no choice.  They have to be pure bootstraps, so obviously any startup should also be capable of being …

If you cannot innovate then master the "S-curve" and prepare an exit strategy:Cannibalism is real!!!

Innovators Dilemma on cash cow's!!

In the wake of modern disruptions in the corporate world, CEOs,Managers,Entrepreneurs or whatever key role your playing in organisation should get this right.Learn when it's right to either reduce your cash cow or cannibalise it.

Steve Job's once said "If you don't cannibalise  yourself,someone else will." 

🔞So why should you wait for the cannibals to get rid of you? 

A pragmatic epic  has been demonstrated by Apple company.In 2007,iPhone was launched. This was a threat to ipod which by then was accounting to 50% of their revenues.

🆔So could the company survive to this far with ipod(cash cow by then)?

If the company's strategy had focused on milking more from ipod then the famous 'S curve' could have assumed saturation then sharply deepened.That could be another case study of fortune 500, narrating opposite of what we know now.

🆓How then should one handle innovation dilemma?

Innovation dilemma melts down to …

Why marketing is the main "blood vessel" for successful business.

The body of an health person is directly proportional to the blood of the particular individual. And so it is in business relates to marketing. Will your business turn out as success or not-well, it all narrows down on how structured is your marketing.As an entrepreneur(s) you should understand the main difference between sales and marketing. Marketing covers area's like advertising(online and offline),promotion,public relations and sale's to certain extent.

    So what does marketing mean?It is a process in which a product or service is introduced and then promoted to get into the minds of the customers in the market. You can have excellent product but without proper marketing,even though your operation concentrates on a particular niche,information fails to get the attention of the targeted group.

    Therefore without  marketing many companies get drained to the last coin and eventually wiped out of the market. Why then marketing is given great weight?

 1. Sets your foo…

How I grew my business from meagre Cash.

I Want to Be a Multi-Millionaire which path should I take?

I'm 19 and I want to be a multi-millionaire. I have no work experience, no job, no money. I want to start my own business. What's a good field to get into? ================================

Tom Bergman, Owner and Marketing Director, Ear Plug Superstore, a small ecommerce business answered:
I was you. I am now 67 and own a business worth around $5million, that I started from scratch from my home with $75 about 15 years ago. We employ around 10 people and we sell hearing protection products. Here are the principles I would tell  you to follow:

💡First, become a business professional.
You can teach yourself, or you can go to school, but you must learn the principles and practices of business or you will fail at any effort you make, no matter how good an idea you have.

The basic elements of business are, in order of importance, marketing, finance and operations. You cannot hire marketing. If you want to own the company, you …